Sooo…bout that community service Ms. PO // 3rd August 2010

Dear Probation Officer:

I would be doing my community service, IF the bus station didn’t turn me down every time I showed up.  Thanks for sending me to a sexist place to do my Community Service.  Awesome.


Do you know how frustrating it is to take time out of my day, show up somewhere, waste my goddamned gas to get there, and then that person be like, “Oh.  You can’t work today.”  I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated.  I take that back, I have been.  When I went to go pay my rent yesterday and I kept forgetting the cards at the apartment.  That was a disturbing experience.  I don’t think I’ve EVER cussed that many people out while driving.

Went to pay my light bill.  Unfortunately, the electric company sucks.  I have an over due bill and couldn’t pay it today because it wasn’t showing up in the systems.  Let’s give a hand to Georgia Power Company!  Hooray.

I feel like every time I give my money to the man, I get royally fucked in the ass.  So here is my proposal: I’m going to keep giving money to the man and get anally fucked at least nine times a semester.  I guess since The Man gives me money, that means he can take it away at will.

Question: How do I have a medical bill of almost 200 dollars if I had insurance when I went?

Answer: Because America hates me.

Fuck being a college student.  Fuck being poor.  And damn being a writer, because unless I remain a college student for 6 more years, I’m never going to to have ANY money.  And when I start making money, I have to give it back to The Man for student loans.

What a vicious cycle.

But I suppose that’s what I get for following my dreams.


Just got back from the bank. // 23rd July 2010

I honestly think there are too many human beings on this planet.



So I was going to go to the plasma center when…

No seriously, I wanted to go.  I wanted to donate.  Kinda.  Well, when we got to the plasma center it was PACKED.  And by PACKED, I mean…there were so many rednecks in there that it smell like fat people and sun burns.  I have a pretty unfortunate people anxiety; I’m not very fond of large crowds.  Especially ones with the females that yell:

"Bitch.  Why we comin out here?  There are chairs in there."

"Bitch.  We comin out here because you bout to get us kicked out."

Awesome.  Humanity has reached a new level of evolution.

So we stood out there, me and my friends Bobby and Dave and debated whether or not we should continue waiting at the plasma center.

"They’re on page 3.  We just signed page 9."  This was my argument.

"Yeah…but we could wait it out."  Dave had a slight slouch when he spoke.  It made every sentence a little more endearing.

"You realize we’d be here for 5 or 6 hours right?"

It’s hard for me to sit still in one place where I don’t have a pen and paper in front of me.  If I’d brought these materials with me, I would have been just fine. But I hadn’t.  And I didn’t want to sit in a crowd for that long, waiting for someone to call my name so I could get my blood sucked, then put back into me.  Fuck that.  And so we left.

That, so far, has been the extent of my day.  Now I sit, watching my friends play video games.  :D



Photo Post // 22nd July 2010

This was dragonfly that sat on our car and wouldn’t go away.  So I took a photo of it.  It was really pretty.

This was dragonfly that sat on our car and wouldn’t go away.  So I took a photo of it.  It was really pretty.

I’m really tired of moving

I hope this is the last time we move for some time.  At least, if we do move again, hopefully we won’t have to use a storage facility.  I stored most of my clothes for about 8 months.  When I found all of them, I was happy to know I had more than a pair of jeans and 10 shirts.  Unfortunately, all of my clothing has to be washed because it was in storage.  Suck.

So here I am, sitting at Aaron’s mom’s house.  Doing nothing.  I figured I’d post something because I haven’t been posting.

In an effort to continue blogging, I friended V-dawg.  I think it’ll help keep me interested if I have a close friend on here.

I haven’t had a blog in like…well…since 8th grade.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I’m thinking that I might post up some short stories or something.  Maybe try to free write while I’m on here.  Haha.  Then V-dawg can tell me what she thinks.

Back to the original rant.  Had so much laundry to do in my entire life.  I mean, sure, I’ve washed all of this before…but I’ve never had like…9 consecutive loads of laundry to do.  On top of that, there are all these bags of clothes floating around the house.  And on top of that, there’s more laundry to do because I can’t go to school/work naked.  Man…why did humans have to evolve into beings that wore clothing.  Why couldn’t we just be more accepting of our nudity?

Though I have to admit.  I don’t exactly want to see old folks naked.  Or obese people.  But maybe if we didn’t wear clothes, people would be more adment about their physical appearence; instead of playing video games all day and eating burger king, they’d go for a walk and eat a salad.  Do you know what else would be scary to see naked?  Bulemic/Anorexic people.  Eeeewww…although Laura would probably like that.  She wants her women to look like they just came out of a concentration camp.  Gross.  I think the last thing I want to see naked is a skeleton.

Well…that’s all for now.